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Confirmed bands for 2021

As Brutal Assault had to be inevitably postponed to 2021 lots of you have been curious about the line-up. With great pleasure we can announce that the vast majority of the original line-up (90 %) is now confirmed for the next year! If you can’t find any of your bands do not despair just yet, re-scheduling is still in process and more band will join the line-up later on.We would also like to remind you that the celebration of our 25th anniversary has extended with another (5th) full festival day - that being said you can expect some new big names to join the current line-up and they are defin ...

JOSEFOFF - running orfer

Pátek/Friday16:30 - 17:05 Severals17:25 - 18:00 Diphteria18:15 - 18:55 Horrible Creatures19:30 - 20:10 Cytotoxin20:50 - 21:35 Gutalax22:00 - 22:50 Root23:20 - 00:30 BelphegorSobota/Saturday16:30 - 17:05 Kandar17:25 - 18:00 Samsara18:15 - 18:55 In Twilight's Embrace19:30 - 20:10 Dopelord20:50 - 21:35 Hate22:00 - 22:50 Hentai Corporation23:20 - 00:30 Tankard ...

De Mysteriis Dom Josefov

Let´s uncover the secret of historic Josefov – take a walk around its 15 charming quier corners incl. Brutal Assault backstage.Nothing is as usual this year due to well-known circumstances. Neither Brutal Assault. It’s a unique edition. By far not about only music more than ever this time, for instance. We call it JOSEFOFF this year, that alone indicates our aim to have a larger picture than to be squeezed only in between fortress walls. Given a lighter musical lineup we were offered a chance to introduce you the location you have been travelling to every year in a new context. The 18th-c ...

JOSEFOFF - line-up

LINE-UP:BELPHEGOR (Austria) – black/death metal - (Germany) – thrash metal - (Poland) – blackened death metal - (Germany) – technical brutal death metal - facebook.comDOPELORD (Poland) - stoner doom metal - (Czech Rep.) - horror grindcore - (Czech Rep.) - deathcore / grind - (Czech Rep.) - metalcore / d ...




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